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Order the Cookbook
"It Takes More Than a Chef"

The book includes 98 recipes with many specially designated as "Dining Room Favorites".

In addition Wave has included many short stories of what has made the restaurant unique and very special over the last 14 years. These stories of the staff, how we got started, how our families are involved and  camaraderie
makes this more than just a cookbook.

The book is loaded with great photos of the dishes, ingredients and staff.

It Takes More Than a Chef

The cookbook is $35.00 plus tax for a total of $36.93.

Shipping is $5.00 per cookbook.
NOTE:  When you buy a book it will be held at the restaurant for pick-up, unless shipping is added here.  In some cases we may be able to drop them off for you.  Please call the restaurant if you have questions.

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