Fritz Seybold
Fritz "the carver" at the sharpener. Soldier in the background.
    Fritz Seybold (aka Frederick W. Seybold) is a Madison native who started carving as a bobby in 1985.  He started with a bird carving class offered by teacher Peter Fabian at Edgewood College.  Since then he's been fortunate to have taken many classes, some from nationally known carvers and others from local artists.  He admits he's addicted to the hobby and hopes to pursue it to a greater extent after his impending retirement.  He has also taught a few local classes on wood carving over the years for the simple joy of carving. 
    Currently, Fritz is carving caricatures of humans and animals, but in the past has done busts, realistic figures, acanthus, birds, 
waterfowl and, of course, many Christmas and Santa figures. 
    Fritz and his wife Ann have 3 grown children.  Both are Madison, WI natives and are University of Wisconsin graduates.  Fritz has operated a 
floor covering store in Madison for the past many years and is now retiring after 42 years.
Some carvings done by Fritz
Lifesize Cedar Waxwing
Flat Plane Cut
Trout Fisherman
Various Christmas Carvings
Carved Feather with Original
Fritz Seybold 
6325 Keelson Drive 
Madison, WI  53705 
(608) 238-5456
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