1870 Census
Eagle Township
Richland County, WI
Name                           Age     Sex  Occupation     Place of Birth  Page #  Family # 
SNELL, Shadrack                 33         Farmer/preacher  OH                      64      
SNELL, Eliza Ann (Hoar)         30         Housekeeper      Knox Co., OH                    
SNELL, Elizabeth Alice          11                          OH                      
SNELL, John David               9                           Knox Co., OH                    
SNELL, Lillian A.               5                           WI                      
REDFIELD, Powers Washington     37         Farmer           PA                      66      
REDFIELD, Mary Margaret (Fosnot)32         Housekeeper      PA                      
REDFIELD, Amy Antoinette        12                          Sauk Co., WI                    
REDFIELD, Edith Evelyn          9                           WI                      
REDFIELD, George W.             8                           WI                      
REDFIELD, Henry John            6                           WI                      
SNELL, Zarah                    26         Farmer           OH                      70      
SNELL, Sarah                    21         Housekeeper      OH                      
SNELL, John Z.                  4                           WI                      
SNELL, Harriett                 2                           WI                      

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This census was provided to you by Marla Schwiethale
(a direct descendant of the Hoar/Snell families)

Some of the census is very hard to read, so if you find any mistakes or if you have anything to add, please let me know.

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