Winfield Scott Cunningham
John Cunningham & Michael Hayes Brannigan Cunningham


Generation 6
Gregory Robert Cunningham
Born: February 21, 1966 
Place: Blue Island/Cook/Illinois
Married: February 12, 1995
Place: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, Lakeridge/Prince William/Virginia
Children: Guillermo Andres Idrovo
Zaida Patricia Cisneros Sosa
Born: December 25, 1953
Place: Quito/Ecuador/S.A.
Parents: Gonzalo Jose & Alicia (Cisneros) Sosa

Son of:
Generation 5
Robert Lee (Leo) Cunningham
Born: November 3, 1938 
Place: Evergreen Park/Cook/Illinois 
Married: August 5, 1961 
Place: St. John Fisher Catholic Church/ Chicago/IL 
Children: Cheri Ann, Scott Michael, Sean Patrick, and Gregory Robert*
Marilynn Viola Wakeley
Born: October 10, 1941
Place: Chicago/Cook/Illinois
Parents: Ryland Stone & La Verne Mary (Clement) Wakeley, Sr.

Son of:
Generation 4
Rex Cunningham
Born: May 21, 1905 
Place: Avalanche/Vernon/Wisconsin 
Married: June 18, 1935 
Place: Chicago/Illinois 
Died: September 18, 1987 
Place Buried: Kissimmee, Florida (ashes scattered) 
Children: Brian Michael, Robert Lee*, Pamela Mary, Daniel Rex
Bernadette Eileen O’Brien
Born: April 3, 1910
Place: Chicago/Cook/Illinois.
Place Buried: Kissimmee, Florida
Parents: Joseph & Mary (Looney) O’Brien

Son of:
Generation 3
Frederick Michael Cunningham
Born: April 27, 1872
Place: Rockbridge/Richland/Wisconsin
Married: March 6, 1898
Place: Forest/Vernon/Wisconsin
Died: August 13, 1950
Place Buried: Camp Douglas, Wisconsin
(drowned in Tampa, Florida)
Children: Rex*, Hayes B., Winfield (Winifred) Scott, Genevieve, Chester B., Dorothy, Ruth
Ruth Ella Moore
Born: 1878
Place: Vernon County Wisconsin
Died: May 8, 1918
Place Buried: Camp Douglas, WI
Parents: Chester & Martha (Veeder) Moore

Son of:
Generation 2
Michael Hayes Brannigan Cunningham 
Born: April 11, 1842 
Place: Huntingdon County/Pennsylvania 
Married: March 26, 1865 
Place: Blanchardville/Lafayette/Wisconsin 
Died: April 1918 
Place Buried: Rockbridge Cemetery 
Children: William Hayes, John Glazier, Frank B., Fred Michael*, Myra, Katie
(1st Wife) Hannah Cline
Born: July 4, 1842
Place: Coles County, Illinois
Died: October 24, 1877
Place Buried: Rockbridge Cemetery, Rockbridge/Richland/Wisconsin
Parents: William and Elizabeth (Wildermuth) Cline
Other Spouse: Laura Lieurance
Other Children: George Bernard, Winfred Mabel, Earl Thomas, Hayes Farrell, Kenneth Noble, Doris Elizabeth, Margaret Susan

Son of:
Generation 1
John Cunningham 
Born: April 10, 1818 
Place: Huntingdon County/Pennsylvania 
Died: April 28, 1861 
Place Buried: Blanchardville, Wisconsin 
Children: Michael Hayes Brannigan*, Martha, Henry Harrison, John C., Wesley J., William Monroe Cline, David, and George
Susannah (Susan) Deam
Born: March 14, 1822
Place: Chester County/Pennsylvania
Died: April 17, 1893
Place Buried: Rockbridge Cemetery, Rockbridge/Richland/Wisconsin
Parents: John & Elizabeth (Ayers) Deam, Sr.

contributed by
Gregory Cunningham