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Alden Hazeltine Catherine Jennet Lyman
Alden Hazeltine Catherine Jennet Lyman
1807-1883 1812-1900
Alden Hazeltine, son of Jonas Hazeltine and Rachel Wood, born at Rockingham, Vermont on 8 September 1807.  His great-great-grandfather, Robert Haseltine was from Yorkshire, England and settled in Rowley, Essex Co. Massachusetts, ca. 1635. Alden was encouraged by his brother, Orren, and nephew, Ira, to follow them to Wisconsin.  In February 1853 Alden Hazeltine, with his family, arrived in Richland Center. He died February 10, 1883 and was buried in the Richland Center Cemetery.
Catherine Jennet Lyman, daughter of Joseph Hill Lyman and Irene Weatherwax born at Scaghticake, New York on 12 Mar 1812.  Her father was a casualty of the War of 1812.  She lived at her Grandmother's home until she was 15 years old and then lived with an older sister until her marriage to Alden Hazeltine on April 4, 1833 in Rockingham, Vermont.  Catherine died September 12, 1900 and was buried in the Richland Center Cemetery.
Jane Haseltine Carpenter's Reminisces
Hazeltine home and Smith Hotel
Orren Haseltine letter to Alden Haseltine
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