Richland County
ADDY, Sarah Ellen 1835-1897 OH>WI Lori Manning
ALBAUGH, Alexander    OH>WI>MN
ALDRICH, Eber James ? to 1884 Lone Rock, WI Loretta Craig
AMBROSE    Forest Township
ANDERSON, Abraham 1828-1916 OH>WI Shannon Futta
ANDERSON, Andrew 15 July 1830-11 Sep 1913 Norway>Akan Township Paul Anderson
ANDERSON, David 1834-1914 OH>CO>IL>WI Shannon Futta
ANDERSON, Jacob 1822-1893 OH>WI>IA Shannon Futta
ANNIS, Alphonze 1851-? VT-WI-? Gene L. Thompson
ANTISDEL, Alvin 1832-? NY>WI Margaret Jordan
ANTISDEL, Harvey 1852-1908 WI Margaret Jordan
AUSTIN, Hiram 1822-1869 VT>WI Lori Manning
BABB, George Henry 1815-1902 OH>IN>Sabin, Sylvan Twp., Richland Co. Scott Robert Cranston Anderson
BACON, Ada  1860-? Dane Co., WI
BAILEY, Henry 3/21/1804 - 8/14/1885 Akan Township Jim Bailey
BAIRD, Hulda   Richland Center in 1860s
BANKER, Martin Van Buren 1798-1878 NY>WI Lori Manning
BARNES, Rezin (wife: RIZER, Catharine) 1797-12Sep1871  Maryland>Boaz, Richland Co. WI (founded the town of Boaz) Kathleen Rizer
BARTO     Jan
BEATTY, Jesse  1848-1931 OH>WI Lil Heselton
BEATTY, Wayne  1875-1956 WI Lil Heselton
BEAUMONT, Leroy Danford 1850-1883 WI Paul Beaumont
BEAUMONT, Samuel W.  1824-1899 WI Paul Beaumont
BEEBE, Miriah Nancy  1841-1917 Richland Co.
BELL, George Taylor  1828-1914 OH>IL>West Lima, Richland Co. Terry Bell
BENDER   Germany>PA>OH> WI, Forest Twp.
BENDER, Lee Berta (Orsburn) 21 Oct 1935- Yuba
BENTON, Margaret A. 1848-1929 OH>WI Bill Hoskins
BIERSBACH, Anna Catherine 1810-? GER>WI  Kathy Kim
BINGHAM, Augustus 1810--1862 NY>WI
BINGHAM, Merinda 1813 - 1887 Town of Dayton
BIRD, Clara 1857-after 1920 Ohio and Wi
BLACK, Hoyt (wife: HART, Luella) bef.1890-11/28/1949 m.6/ 11/1907 Dane Co. WI> Richland Co. WI Diane James
BLADOW, Caroline 1862-1936 Richland Co, WI
BLAKLEY      Sandra Blakley Morgan
BOAK, James Atlas 1825-April 4, 1877 PA> OH> WI
BOOHER, Huldah 1836 - 1903 IN > WI Dan Jezeski
BOWEN, William  12/25/1793-7/25/1858 VT>Green Co., WI>Richland Co., WI MaryRose Bowen
BOWEN, William J. 1794 - 1858 ??>Richland Co Ryan Quinn
BREESE, Balemas  1807-1887 NJ-OH-WI
BRISTOW, Sarah C. abt. 1797- aft. 1860 VA>WI Lori Manning
BRITTAIN, Hiram H.   New York >Richland Co. Clyde Ormond
BUCHANAN, Robert    Ire>Canada>NY>IL> Richwood, Richland Co.
BUGHER, Samuel 1/1/1801-12/7/1874 PA>OH>IN>WI Katherine Johnson
BURHITE, Lois  1866+ Richland Co.  Carol-Jean Boevers
BURKE, Thomas abt. 1831-1883 Ire.>IN>WI Lori Manning
BURT, William 1840-1903 OH>IN>West Lima, Richland Co. Leanna Eversmeyer
BURWITZ, Christian 1829-1909 Mecklenburg, Prussia> Milw.>RC

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