Richland County
CALL, Moses @1832- ? OH>Richland Co,WI Kelly Roth
CARBERRY     F.M. Van Slyke
CARROLL, John 1817-1895 Sligo, Ireland> Boston,MA> Dayton,Richland,WI
CARROLL NORRIS, Mary E. 1845-  Boston, MA> Dayton, Richland, WI
CARTER, Esther Ann 1814-1865 ME>OH>IN>West Lima, Richland Co. Leanna Eversmeyer
CAVANAUGH, Margaret Abt. 1811-Aft. 1870 IRELAND>Nova Scotia>Racine>Buena Vista Margaret Draper
CAVANAUGH, Michael Abt. 1843-? Nova Scotia>Racine>Buena Vista>IA Margaret Draper
CLANIN     granny
CLARK, Catherine 1834-1899 IN>Richland Co.>TN Leanna Eversmeyer
CLARK, James 1806-1893 OH>WI
CLARK, Judith Ann (Orsburn) 6 April 1938- Yuba
CLARK, Martha  1841-1912 OH>WI>OR
CLARK, Rachel 1814-1886 OH>WI
CLARY, Isaac Marion 1849-1932
CLAYBAUGH, Mary 1800-1890 VA>OH>Rockbridge Terry Bell
CLEMENTS, Lydia 1853-1938 Richland Co, WI
CLINE, Cyrus 1813-? MA>NY>OH>WI(Richland Co 1848-1860ish)
COLLINS     Judy in MN
CONLEY 1850's ?Ire>Wi>Il (?)
CONKLE, Joseph    PA>OH>WI Leslie C. Conkle
CONKLE, Michael    PA>OH>WI Leslie C. Conkle
CONNORS, James 1800-? Co.Wexford, Ire, Henrietta Twsp. Bob Connors
CONNORS, Thomas 1831-1903 Co. Wexford Ire, Westford Twsp. Bob Connors
COOK, Arthur   Washington Co.,Pa. >Ohio >Richland Co. Wi.
COOK, Judson 1845-1928 Grant County> Richland County
COOPER, Addie 1865 - 1927  possible Eagle Twnshp
CORE, John Morgan 1835-1907 OH>WI>WA Kathy Callahan
CORE, Mahala Ann  1851-1934  WI Paul Beaumont
CORE, William  1810-1900 NJ>OH>WI Paul Beaumont
CRAIG, Alexander abt. 1819-1902 Ire.>WI Lori Manning
CRAIGO, J.M.      Perry E. Krumbach
CRAMER, Benjamin    1855 in Buena Vista
CRAMER, George T    1855 in Buena Vista
CRAMER (Parker) Lydia Ann   1855 in Buena Vista
CRAMER, Rosina    1855 in Buena Vista
CRANDELL, Abraham 5/01/1844-4/19/1865 Forest and Bloom HELEN WILSON
CRANDELL, George W. 3/01/1871-5/27/1891 Forest and Bloom HELEN WILSON
CRANDELL, John H. 4/10/1819-12/11/1879 Forest, Bloom (m:Rhoda Jane LITTLE) HELEN WILSON
CRANDELL, John J. 8/27/1840-10/06/1863 Forest and Bloom HELEN WILSON
CRANDELL, William  4/12/1838-9/26/1863 Forest, Bloom (m:Mary MILLIGAN) HELEN WILSON
CRANDELL, Wilson C. 10/16/1839-9/28/1871 Forest and Bloom HELEN WILSON
CRANSTON, Thomas 1837-1923 OH>Ash Ridge, Sylvan Twp., Richland Co. Scott Robert Cranston Anderson
CUMMINGS, Phoebe R. 1837-1920 OH>WI Lori Manning
CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth (Schafer)(Richardson) Jan 1842 - 1926 OH> Richland Co, WI
CUNNINGHAM, Michael H.B.  1842-1918 PA> Rockbridge, WI Robert Cunningham
Greg Cunningham
DAWSON     Judy in MN
DEVOE, Horace 1829-1878  Richland Co. WI  DUANE
DEVOLT, Margret Ann 1819-1895 OH> Willow twp Terry Bell
DIAMOND, Catherine 1850's Galway,Ire>Wi
DIETZMAN, Archie B. 1895 - ? WI, OK, AZ
DIETZMAN, William H. 1872 - 1955 WI
DILLEY   West Fork Area
DILLON, William     Lin Stark
DONNER, Elias  1872-1960 WI Lil Heselton
DOTY, Laura M 1841 Forest Twp., Richland Co.
DOUDNA, Isaac 1810-1899 Belmont Co., OH> Richland Co., WI Rodney
DRISKILL, Obadiah 1849-?   Clyde Ormond
DROUGHT     Nita S. Liska
DUKE, Alexander  ?-1922 1851 in Ohio > Richland Co. Jolene Kakascik
DUNSTON, Antoine (wife Ella, kids Golda, Mable, Sylvia, Rose, Frank) 1845?-1916 Richland Center in 1900 Wayne Johnston
DUNSTON, Joseph 1818 - ? OH>WI Kathy Callahan
DUNSTON, Mary Jane Perigo 1821-1895 IL>WI>WA Kathy Callahan
DWYER, Julia 1846-1920 Cazenovia, Twp. of Westford Tom Deno

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