Richland County
ECKLES/ECKELS, John 1830-1900 OH> WI Judy Tighe
ELLIOTT, Barbara Simpson about 1840 - 1930   Dianna K. Flynn
ELLIOTT, Isaiah  1818 - 1885 Wayne Co, IN > Richwood, Eagle Twp, Richland Co, WI Perry E. Krumbach
ELLSTHORP, Catherine "Kate" S. March 1834-? VT >Kane Co., IL >Richland Co, WI> Portland, OR. Mel Sherman
EMERSON, Levi J.  1866+ Richland Co.  Carol-Jean Boevers
ENDICOTT 1830 to present NJ>IN>WI Becky Nix
EWERS 1850's to present PA>VA>OH> Richland Co, WI Susan Ewers
EWING, John  1826 - ? Eagle Township
Harriette Jensen
FINCH     Darlene Finch
FISHER, Ebin Westley 04 Mar 1852- 10 Sept 1919 Richland Center?
FLEMING, Bridget  1816-1884  IRE>NY>WI  Kathy Kim
FLYNN, Susie 1876-1958 WI
FOLEY, Peter     Patrica "Foley" Warnecke-Oscar
FOLEY, Michael     Patrica "Foley" Warnecke-Oscar
FOLEY, Stephen     Patrica "Foley" Warnecke-Oscar
FOLEY, Thomas     Patrica "Foley" Warnecke-Oscar
FOX, Charity 1812-1881 WI Paul Beaumont
FREEMAN, Melissa Jane (Richardson) 12/28/1845-4/8/1894 Missouri> Henrietta Twp (Richland) WI
FRIES, Judge Henry William 3/14/1814-2/14/1880 Richland County, WI
FRY, Honest Fredric 1878-1950
FRY, Jacob Omar 1856-1940
FULLER, Samuel
& Julia
Willow, Richland Co., WI
GAULT, Winnie  1879-1960 WI Lil Heselton
GETTY, James E. 1858-? West Lima, Richland Co. Leanna Eversmeyer
GILLINGHAM, Albert Marshall  1849-1926
GILLINGHAM, Harvey 1808-1864
GILLINGHAM, Harvey  1808-1864 Fancy Creek, WI
GILLINGHAM, Thomas 1769-1826
GIVENS, Mary Ann     Ann O'Rourke
GLOCK, Maria 1819-1897  German>WI 
GOPLEN (Guilbrandson), Anders 1825-1874 Norway, Akan twp Terry Bell
GOPLEN, Chris 1867-1957 Norway>Akan Township  Paul Jacobson
GRAY, Enoch 1829-1907 ME-WI Gene L. Thompson
GRIMSHAW, John J. 1829-1907 Canada>WI Judy Tighe
GROVES, Samuel 1827-1900 OH>WI
GURNEY, Alice A. 1851-? NY>WI>Canada>WI Candace Carter-Green
GUTWEILER     Marcia
HACKETT, Alice 1855-? WI Clyde Ormond
HAILINGS, William B. 11/Jul/1842 - 09/Aug/1921 enlisted 11th WI.infantry, 18 Oct 1861, resided at time: Port Andrew Bobbie Bosley
HAMILTON, Peter 1827-1901  IR>CT>WI  John Wright 
HANEY, James W.  1846 - 1917 Buena Vista, Richland Co., Wi Donna Bovee
HANSEN, Hans 1864 - 1945  Norway> Big Hollow in Akan township (Hansen's Hollow) Diane Hansen Guildner
HARDY, Joseph 1873-1957 WI
HARPER, Harriet Jane Gurney 1830-1914 NY>Rockbridge, Richland Co. WI
HARPER, Hugh 1827-1894 Ireland>NY>WI>Canada>WI Candace Carter-Green
HARPER, Hugh 1832-1900 IRE>WI Kathy Callahan
HARRISON     Darlene Finch
HART, Luella abt.1890-? Crawford Co. WI> Richland Co. WI Diane James
HARTMAN, George W. 1844-1932 OH>WI
HARVEY, William Alvin    IN>Muscoda, Grant Co., WI> Richland Co.
HARWOOD, Clyde Mansfield 1882-1955
HARWOOD, Helon M. 1847-1925
HASELTINE, Alden  1807-1883 VT-WI
HASELTINE, Ira 1821-1899 VT-WI
HATCH, Amanda Stewart 1819--1884 NY>Wis
HAWKINS, Mary Etta August 7, 1848-? KY>WI
HEATH, Orrin & Anar (Barto) late 1880's to present Richland Co., WI Jeff Elmer
Portland, OR
HEBERT, Peter  1806?-1860? Canada>WI>?
HEBERT, Peter  1839-1911 Canada>WI>OR
HEINEN, Maria 'Agnes'  1792/3-1878 Prussia> Waukesha Co., WI 1851>  Ithaca, Richland Co., WI 1855
HEMENWAY, Oscar    NY>IL>WI Leslie C. Conkle
HICKS, Bessie Maude(Orsburn) 9 Dec 1887-?
HIGGINS, Josiah 1817-1886 OH>WI
HILLMAN   West Fork Area
HIMMER     Nita S. Liska
HINEMAN, Daniel 1806-bef 1906 OH> Richland & Sauk Co. Terry Bell
HODGINS, Thomas Nov. 1816 - Dec. 29, 1888 County Meath, Ireland> New Jersey> Richland Co., WI.
HOFIUS, James 8/8/1808 -1865  Dayton, Richland Co., WI Paul V. Hofius
HOISINGTON     Harriette Jensen
HOKE     Margaret Jordan
HOLLOWAY, Samuel J.  b 1799 d. 1855 MD>IL>WI
Lori Manning
HOSKIN, Amasa M. 1825-1910  NY>OH>WI> NE>KS>MO Bill Hoskins
HOSKIN, Daniel  abt. 1796-1876 NY>OH>WI Bill Hoskins
HOSKIN, Maria 1840-1922  OH>WI>IN  Bill Hoskins
HOSKINS, Augustus 1829-1912  NY>OH>WI  Bill Hoskins
HOSKINS, George P. 1827-1903  NY>OH>WI  Bill Hoskins
HOSKINS, James Murdock 1846-1919  OH>WI>IA  Bill Hoskins
HOSKINS, Olney 1843-1921  OH>WI  Bill Hoskins
HOUCK, Jacob ? Richland Co. Ryan Quinn
HOUSEHOLDER, Harry     Karlene White
HOWLAND, Albert F.,  1858 - 1838 Jo Daviess Co, IL > Richland Co., WI Perry E. Krumbach
HOWLAND, T. J.  abt 1837 - ? OH > WI Perry E. Krumbach
HUBANKS, George Jones 7/17/1821- 2/13/1902 ?-Port Andrews, Richland Co., WI Ann O'Rourke
HUEBSCH, Johann (John) 8/5/1816 - 11/22/1893 Keysville, Ithaca Township
HUTCHINSON, John M. 1856-1948

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