Richland County
INGALLS, Charlotte Orcelia (RICHARDSON) 8/18/1830-5/20/1919 New York> Richmond (McHenry) IL> Henrietta Twp (Richland)WI
INGMIRE, Lemuel mid 1800s to late OH, IN, WI, NE, MN SHELLY
INGMIRE, Malissa mid 1800s to late OH, IN, WI, NE, MN SHELLY
INGMIRE, Samuel mid 1800s to late OH, IN, WI, NE, MN SHELLY
INGMIRE, Sarah mid 1800s to late OH, IN, WI, NE, MN SHELLY
JACOBSON, Andrew  1830-? Norway>Akan Township  Paul Jacobson
JENSEN, Jerome L.
JEWEL, Anna Florence (Orsburn) 9 April 1887-13 April 1957 Bloom twp
JEWEL, Samuel and Winifred     Winifred M Jewel
JOHNS, David abt. 1800 - 5/23/1875 PA>Eagle, Richland County
JOHNSON (Christianson)  1850's Nor>WI
JORDAN, Wesley Smith 1850-? IN>Bloom Twp., Richland Co. Leanna Eversmeyer
JOYCE, John  1816-1882  Ire.>WI (Buck Creek, Richland Co.) Michael Nee
KANE, Rebecca 1832-1899 IN>Richland Co., WI Leanna Eversmeyer
KELLER, Bernhart 1818-1913  German>IL>WI 
KENNEDY, John 1800-1876 IRE>NY>WI  Kathy Kim
KENT, John 1828-1897 Byrd's Creek Joni Leffler
KIDD, James William 1796- abt. 1870 VA>WI Lori Manning
KILLION,Michael 1779-abt. 1850 NC>IN>IL>WI, Richland Co.
KILLOY, John 1820-1895 Ireland> Ithaca Township, WI Jim Honer
KING, Lydia B. ?- abt. 1886 Loyd, Willow Twp., Richland Co, WI Patricia Morehouse
KLINGAMAN, Mathias     Karlene White
KLINGLER, John Thomas 1810-1874 KY-IN-WI Gene L. Thompson
KLOCK, Henry 5/19/1844 - 12/9/1922 NY> WI> MN
KLOCK, Jacob 6/19/1817 - ? NY> WI
KLOCK, Martha 1818 - ? MA> NY> WI
KNAUSE, Denver C. 1878 d. 1961   Ryan Quinn
KOCH, Jeremiah & Mary (Shuey) descendants late 1880's to present Richland Co., WI Jeff Elmer
Portland, OR
KOENIG, Nicolas  1801-?  GER>WI  Kathy Kim
LAMPHEAR, George  1861-1936  Richland Center, WI>MO
LAMPHEAR, Henry Augustus  abt. 1823-1905  Steuben NY>WI>NE
LEE, Charles Madison 1922-1944 Muscoda-Richland Center
LEE, Ellis Arthur 1899-1985 Muscoda-Richland Center
LEE, Nina Jensen 1901-1988 Mobile, AL-Muscoda-Richland Center
LEFFLER, Daniel O. ? PA or OH>WI Lori Manning
LEFFLER, Henry 1822 - 1906 Richwood Twp. Joni Leffler
LIBBEY, Thomas J 1841-? Forest Twp., Richland Co.
LIBBEY, William Clifton  1866-? Forest Twp., Richland Co.
LISKA     Nita S. Liska
LOGAN, Sarah (ANTISDEL) 1830-1916 OH>WI Margaret Jordan
LONG, Lewis 1838-1922 OH>WI Lori Manning
LORD, Anna Maria (TYLER)  1811-1890 Buena Vista, Sextonville, Richland City
LOUIS, Phoebe    Bloom City Terry Bell
LOWRY, Mary Ethel
LYONS, Almina 5/1850 - Ill.> Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI
LYONS, Carey D 1842 - 1/22/1862  OH> Ill.> Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI
LYONS, Caroline 1841 - OH> Ill.> Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI
LYONS, Deloss 1/25/1819 - 1895? OH> Ill.> Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI
LYONS, Diana D 1/15/1822 - 10/7/1896  NY> OH> Ill.> Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI
LYONS, Franklin E 1840 - 3/8/1865  OH> Ill.> Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI
LYONS, George H 1857 -  Rockbridge, Richland Co, WI

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