Richland County
MADDING, Littleton B.    arrived in Richland Co., in 1850 Dana Weeden
MANLEY, Menzies "Phelps"  1829-1898  CT>OH>IN>WI Karla VonFumetti Staudt
MANLEY, Menzies Searles  1803-aft.1860  CT>OH>WI Karla VonFumetti Staudt
MANNING, John 1812- abt. 1880 Ire.>NJ>WI Lori Manning
MANVILLE, James 1833-1891 farmed in Westford, section 25 Jocelyn Harvey
MANVILLE, Mary Ellen Feb. 27, 1876 Westford> married Edward P. Barrington of Ironton, Sauk Co. Jocelyn Harvey
MARKIN, Charles   OH>WI Leslie C. Conkle
MARKLEY 1800 to present MD>WV>KS>WI Becky Nix
MARSHALL, Lydia 1844-1932 OH>West Lima, Richland Co.,>IA Leanna Eversmeyer 
MARTIN, Catherine 1841-1936 OH>WI Lori Manning
MARTIN, Sarah Jane (RICHARDSON) Abt. 1839-1871 VA> McHenry Twp. (McHenry) IL > Henrietta Twp (Richland) WI
MAYFIELD, Joseph Miles and Carrie (Sherman)   Ash Creek, Orion Twp., Richland Co. Mel Sherman
McBAIN, Duncan 02/23/1833 - 04/09/1881 Carroll Co., Ohio> Richland Co., Wi
McBAIN, Gilbert Jr. 12/21/1846 - 12/26/1876 Carroll Co., Ohio> Richland Co., Wi
McBAIN, James 08/28/1839 - 12/06/1905 Carroll Co., Ohio> Richland Co., Wi
McBAIN, Nancy Walters  1808 - 01/07/1881 PA> Richland Co., Wi
McCASKEY   PA>OH>WI Leslie C. Conkle
McCAULEY, Alexander 1810 - 1897 Rockbridge Twp.(came to R.Co. 1852-1853)  Dennis
McCLAREN, James 1829-1902 Orion Twp. Joni Leffler
McDANIEL     Harriette Jensen
McDERMOTT, John Arthur (J.A.) 1865-1955 Green Co. Wis> Richland Co. Terry Bell
McGLYNN, Mary (MANVILLE) 1842 or 1846-1915 farmed in Westford, section 25 Jocelyn Harvey
McHONE, Enoch 1828 - 1916 TN > IN > WI Dan Jezeski
McHONE, Henry B. 1857 - 1934 IN > WI Dan Jezeski
McINTIRE, Ezekiel Cleveland  (MCINTYRE) ca 1809-abt.1872 Nova Scotia>Richland County (came ca.1848-50 to Richland City/Buena Vista Twp.) 2nd Wife Caroline Bolles
Mc LAUGHLIN, Michael 1829 -  Sligo, Ireland - Boston,MA -Dayton,Richland,WI
Mc LAUGHLIN CARROLL, Ann 1815-1887 Sligo, Ireland - Boston,MA -Dayton,Richland,WI
McMAHAN, Isaac 1807-1881 Columbiania & Fayette Cos, OH> Bloom City Terry Bell
McMILLEN, Samuel 1803-1883  PA>WI 
McMILLEN, Samuel 1803-1883 Orion Twp. Joni Leffler
McNAMARA 1850's Co Roscommon,Ire>Wi
McNURLEN, William  1814-1880's Greene Co., PA> Richland Co. (came ca.1853/4 Buena Vista Twp.) Wife Wilomina (various spellings) Trumbo.
MERRILL   in County from about 1850 forward Karla Von Fumetti Staudt
MICHELS, George  1852-1925  WI>WI  Kathy Kim
MICK, Susan Elvira (Richardson) 12/14/1844-9/7/1925 Hancocok Co., VA > Henrietta Twp (Richland) WI > Richland Center, WI
MILLER     Judy in MN
MILLER, Alfred     Jan
MILLER, Henry 1802-1859  KY>IN>WI  John Wright
MILLER, Henry Jr.    Anderson Co., KY>Tippecanoe Co., IN>Richland Co.
MILLER, Mary Elizabeth 1865-1955 New Paris, Ind., Richland Co. Terry Bell
MINEARD , Alfred  9/?/1843-2/23/1912  ENG>.WVA.>WIS BILL JONES
MINEARD, Charles J. 12/8/1867-11/12/1941 WIS. BILL JONES
MINEARD , Eliza (CHIVERS) 1806-11/16/1889  ENG.>WVA.>WIS BILL JONES
MINEARD , Elmer D 1874-10/9/1942  Richland Co.>Monroe Co.>Juneau Co. BILL JONES
MINEARD, Frederic <~> James  8/22/1895-2/20/1986  Richland Co.>Sauk Co. BILL JONES
MINEARD, Isaac  1811-8/10/1883 Eng.>WVA.>WIS BILL JONES
MISSLICH, Wilhelm 'William'  1793-1866 Prussia> Waukesha Co., WI 1851>  Ithaca, Richland Co., WI 1855
MITCHEL, Elsie Elizabeth (Orsburn) 31 July 1881-?
MONTAGNE     Harriette Jensen
MONTGOMERY, Bertha Matilda (Orsburn) 11 Dec 1909-17 May 1997 Richland Co> Elroy Wi.
MOODY, Ephraim  abt 1796-?
MOODY, Matilda    Richland Center, WI
MOORE, Nelson 1870-1889 ?-WI Gene L. Thompson
MORAN, Catherine 1850's Mayo,Ire>Wi
MOREHOUSE,Lycander May 1828- ? Ohio>Loyd, Willow Twp. Richland Co, WI Patricia Morehouse
MORRIS, Henry O. 1819-1902 North Wales> Eagle Twnshp, Richland Co.
MORRISON,  Francis M. 1835-1913  OH>WI>IN  Bill Hoskins
MORRISON,  Friend  1815-?  OH>WI  Bill Hoskins
MOSHER, Hannah 1806-? NY>WI Lori Manning
MUDICA, Arnold 1927 WI
MUDICA, Melvin 1924 WI
MUDICA, Orville 1922 WI
MUDICA, Victor Leonard  1920 - 1980 WI>IA>WA
MUELLER, Wilhemina     Lin Stark
MULDOWN, Catherine 1816?-1882  IRE>MASS>RI>WI  Kathy Kim
MYRTLE, Maggie B. Abt.1871-March 28, 1903 Henrietta twp, Richland Co., WI

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