Richland County
NEE, Coleman 1811-1895 IRE>NY>WI(Richland Co.) Michael Nee
NEEFE, Frank Julius 1861 - 1932  possible Richmond Twnshp
NEWMIRE, Jane 1816-1859  OH>WI  Bill Hoskins
NOBIS, Max Ludwig 1853 - 1940 WI>OH>WI>ND>SD>ND Bob Nobis
NOLAN, Robert Burns 1890-1932 Richland Co, WI
NORRIS, Joseph 1837-1915 Ohio> Dayton, Richland, WI
NYHUS, Ingaborg (Isabel) Marie Engbretsdtr 1829-1896 Norway> Akan twp Terry Bell
O'CONNER, Catherine abt. 1811-? Ire.>NJ>WI Lori Manning
OELKE, Michael  1823-1919 Mecklenburg, Prussia> RC
OLIVER, Elizabeth 1844-1928 OH>WI Lori Manning
OPSAHL, Ben 12/28/1869 - ? Akan, Richland
ORSBURN, Edward Darwin 10 Jul 1876-9 July 1955 Bloom twp
ORSBURN, Edward Freeman 28 April 1950- Born RC. Co.
ORSBURN, Leo David 24 Nov 1972- Richland Co-Lone Rock
ORSBURN, Leo Dorwin 31 Aug 1911-17 June 1984 Bloom twp> Yuba> Elroy Wi
ORSBURN, Ora (Orrie) Theodore 1 Mar 1878-?
ORSBURN, Samuel 1 Jan 1851-8 Feb 1925 Mercer Co. Ohio >Bloom twp 1860's
OSBORN, Philipp b. circa 1800 b. possibly in OH
OSBORN(E), John? or James? William b. circa 1820-1897
OSBORNE, Clifford Merle 1904-1775
OSBORNE, John William 1865-1938 b. Bloom Twp
OSBORNE, Robert Frederick 1926-1994 b. Eagle Twp; lived around RC until late 40s
PAGE, Benjamin 1793-1873 MA-WI Gene L. Thompson
PARDUHN, Ferdinand   Ash Creek, WI
PARKER, Lydia Ann
PAYNE, Henry  1826-1893  IN>WI
PECKHAM, Caroline 1850-1932 OH>Marshall, Richland Co.> IA>MO Leanna Eversmeyer
PECKHAM, William 1804-1883 OH> WI Judy Tighe
PERSINGER, Levi 1816-1908 Richland Co.
POOLE, John 1774-1857 MD>OH>Gillingham Terry Bell
POORMAN, Isaac 1843-?  IN>Richland Center, Richland Co. Leanna Eversmeyer
POPP, Bertha Marion 1859 - 1934 WI Dan Jezeski
POWERS, Susan 1830-1910 Ire.>WI Lori Manning
PRATT, Albert Homer l830-l9l9 N.Y.> Lived in Buena Vista Twsp, died in Hoosier hollow Mary R. Jenista
PRICE, John H. 1805-1872 Pa >NY>Richland Co.
PUFF, Henry 1854 - @1900 Richland Co, WI Kelly Roth

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