Richland County
RAMSDELL, Mirus  1810-abt.1872-5  Vt>Wi--Willow in 1855
REAGLES, Johile Porter 1833-1901  OH> WI>AZ Karla VonFumetti Staudt
REED, Andrew Jackson 1822-? Port Leydon, New York Clyde Ormond
REED, Esther Ann (Tyler) 1830-? Springfield, Penn.> Sextonville, WI Clyde Ormond
REED, George 1875-? Buena Vista, WI Clyde Ormond
REED, George Riley 1851-? Ottawa, Ill.>WI Clyde Ormond
REED, Mace Leon 1876-1934 Buena Vista, WI>Oroville, Washington Clyde Ormond
REED, Mary Anna 1849-? Ottawa, Ill. > WI Clyde Ormond
RICHARDSON, Daniel Webster 5/8/1834-3/30/1909 Mayfield Twp (Cuyahoga) OH> Rockbridge (Richland) WI
RICHARDSON, George Watson 7/4/1840-4/8/1909 Chester Twp (Geauga) OH> La Farge (Vernon) WI
RICHARDSON, John Wesley 3/20/1836-10/4/1921 Mayfield Twp (Cuyahoga) OH or Chester Twp (Geauga) > Cazenovia, Richland Co., WI
RICHARDSON, William Warren, Sr. 10/26/1829-10/21/1917 Mayfield Twp (Cuyahoga) OH> Henrietta Twp (Richland) WI
RILEY, James 1840-1915 Cazenovia, Twp. of Westford Tom Deno
RINEHART     Harriette Jensen
RIZER, John Henry 10 Feb 1830-? arrived in Richland Co. bet. 1852 & 1856 Kathleen Rizer
ROSS     Judy in MN
SCHUCKMAN, Philip 1834-1914 PA>IN>WI  Karla VonFumetti Staudt
SCOLES, Hannah Melissa 3/19/1865-7/9/1941 Town of Bloom Terry Bell
SHANNON 1800 to present KY>IN>WI Becky Nix
SHEAHAN, Maurice 1847-1894 IRE>Westford Twp(Cazenovia) Jenny Clarkson
SHELL, Elizabeth 1861-1941 WI Lori Manning
SHEPHERD, Aaron 1823-1908 OH>WI Bob Shepherd
SHERMAN, Herbert G February 17, 1864-? IL >Richland Center, WI (owned meat market) Mel Sherman
SHERMAN, Merritt L  January 06, 1831-? Shelton, Wyoming Co, NY> Kane Co., IL  > Richland Co, WI> Portland, OR. Mel Sherman
SHERMAN, Stukely 1836-1810  NY>IL>WI 
SHIELDS, Charles  1812-1895  IRE>MASS>RI>WI  Kathy Kim
SHOOKMAN, John  1830-1899 PA>IN>WI Karla VonFumetti Staudt
SHOOKMAN, Philip 1834-1914 PA>IN>WI Karla VonFumetti Staudt
SHORES, David M. 3/8/1816-11/25/1883 KY>Richland Co.,WI Kevin Shores
SHORES, Joseph H. 1866-1948 Richland Co., WI Kevin Shores
SILVERS, Barbara (Orsburn) 23 Mar 1855-4 Apr 1915 Bloom City
SIMPSON, David about 1840 - 1930   Dianna K. Flynn
SINNETT, James Frederick 1880-1947
SINNETT, James Oscar 1856-1940
SMALLY     Jan
SMITH, George W. 1843-1914 IN>West Lima, Richland Co.>IA, MO Leanna Eversmeyer
SMITH, Isaac 1833-1907 OH>IN>West Lima, Richland Co. Leanna Eversmeyer
SMITH, John 1833-1906 Addison N.Y. > Richland Co. (Buena Vista and Lone Rock)
SMITH, John P. 1804-1886 NY>OH>WI(Richland Co.1848-1860ish) >OR>WA
SMITH, Joseph Lewis 1849-1914 IN>Marshall, Richland Co.>IA>MO Leanna Eversmeyer
SMITH, Mathew Rankin 1809-1883 PA>OH>IN>West Lima, Richland Co.>TN Leanna Eversmeyer
SOBEK     Marcia
SOLTWEDEL, Arthur Edmund 1912-1999 Harvard, IL -Five Points -Richland Center
SOLTWEDEL, Ernest G. 1883-1958 577 E. Kinder St., Richland Center, WI
SOLTWEDEL, Evelyn Turnmire 1914-1993 Gotham-Richland Center
SPRAGUE, Fred A. Abt. 1847-? Waukesha Co.>Buena Vista>IA Margaret Draper
STADELE, Casper  1820-1906 GER>Grant Co,WI>Richland Co WI Shelly Brownfield
STANDISH, Ansel Loyal 5/10/1828-5/13/1908 lived mainly in Eagle Township
STAPLETON, Catharine 1833-1908 Ire.>IN>WI Lori Manning
STARKEY   Aken/Forest
STATSER, Mary Catharine 1831-1923 VA>WI>NE Lori Manning
STAUM, Ingeborg Larsdtr (nedre) 1854-1939 Norway> Akan twp Terry Bell
STAUM, Simon 1849-1921  Norway> Wi(Richland Co.) Robert Staum
STAYTON, John Nicolas  1820-1898 Delaware, Indiana, Rockbridge Terry Bell
STEES     Harriette Jensen
STODDARD, Edwin Samuel 2/15/1868-9/3/1964 Richland Center, WI>OH>FL Carlton Blakeslee Stoddard
STODDARD, Harmon  2/3/1828-4/7/1908 Richland Center, WI>OH Carlton Blakeslee Stoddard
STROSCHINE, Emma A. 1900-1999 Richland Co, WI
SUDA     Marcia
SWENINK     Nita S. Liska

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