Richland County
TADDER, Hiram 1807- aft. 1880 VT>NY>WI Lori Manning
TAMBLINGSON     Harriette Jensen
TENNEY, Jeremiah ? -? N.H. >WI Alison Painter
TENNEY, Thomas 1844 - 1937 (?) N.H. >WI Alison Painter
THOMPSON, Aaron  1807-1883  NY>WI Karla VonFumetti Staudt
THOMPSON, John 1808-1885 VT-WI Gene L. Thompson
THORP, Laurins Martin   Litchfield Co., CT>IN>Crawford Co., WI>Richland Co.
TOWER, Amasa 1826-1905  OH>WI  Bill Hoskins
TOWER, Anna M. (HOSKIN, Annie) abt 1801-1872  VT>NY>OH>WI Bill Hoskins
TOWER, Ida 1870-?  WI  Bill Hoskins
TOWER, James  1860-?  WI Bill Hoskins
TOWER, John 1863-1920  WI Bill Hoskins
TRAVIS, Charles Henry 1888-1970 Sauk Co.-Richland Co. Gene L. Thompson
TROBAUGH, Mary Elizabeth (Jane)  1832-1921 Greene Co. TN>OH>IL>West Lima Terry Bell
TURNER, William Riley 1825-1895 OH> IN> WI Judy Tighe
TURNMIRE, John 1885-1968  Buried at Mill Creek  Lived in Gotham
TURNMIRE, Minnie 8/13/1889-10/1969 Buried at Mill Creek  Lived in Gotham
TYLER, Lydia (Martin)  1808-? Bradford, Vermont > Richland Co. Clyde Ormond
TYLER, Samuel 1782-1871 Piermont, N. H.>Richland Co. Clyde Ormond
VANCE, William 1820-1900 OH>IN>Clayton,Crawford,WI> Akan,Richland,WI
VAN SLYKE, Melvin David 5/3/1876-9/8/1957 Lone Rock, WI F.M. Van Slyke
WALLACE, Isam  1802-1876 NC>IN>Akan, Richland,WI
WALPORT, Laura Maria 11/6/1880-8/15/1967 Richand Center, Richland Co., WI-Buffalo, MN Patrick Turner
WARNER, Harvey 1822-1883 NY-OH-IN-WI Gene L. Thompson
WEEDEN, Delila    arrived in Woodstock WI in 1869 Dana Weeden
WEITZEL, Jacob  1828/9-1880 in Ithaca Twp, Richland Co., WI 1860
WELTON     Harriette Jensen
WILLIAMS, Elijah c1804-1872  PA>OH>IN>WI Lorene Strano
WILLIAMSON, Levi Albert 1882-1958 WI Lori Manning
WILSON, Mary Elizabeth 1846-1941  OH>WI>IA  Bill Hoskins
WITTERS, Jane  abt. 1801-?
WOLF, Abraham  1865-1885? Lone Rock, WI Loretta Craig
WRIGHT, Isaac J. 1819-1888  IN>OH>WI  John Wright
YOUNG, David Bonar 1821-1915 OH>WI>MN Ethel Handley
YOUSE   PA>OH>IN>WI Karla VonFumetti Staudt
ZINTZ, Elizabeth (ANTISDEL) 1855-1907  PA>WI Margaret Jordan

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